Brands Hatch Rd 10 Ginetta Juniors

Brands Hatch was our third and final round of the season in Ginetta Juniors.

Qualifying couldn’t have gone much worse after being put into the gravel by another driver on lap one, resulting in us not getting a lap in, placing us 16th and 18th for race one and two.

Race 1, we were involved in an accident which left the car virtually undriveable for the entirety of the race from lap one, after being left with major tracking issues and suspension damage.

Race 2, we started 18th, and after a race of very little laps of racing and many under safety car, we managed to finish a brilliant 9th in very tricky wet, and dark conditions!

Race 3, we started 11th, and again we were a passenger in an accident directly ahead of us on the first corner, which damaged the front bonnet, and meant that the bonnet dug in under the front wheels, resulting in no steering or brakes for turn 2, therefore the end of our race.


A rather disappointing weekend again in Ginetta Juniors, but the pace was significantly better in the new car.